South Carolina

The ICTP Project in South Carolina aims to develop methods, materials, and opportunities to support South Carolina counties to successfully and sustainably scale-up the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program systems of interventions. With funding from The Duke Endowment and working in partnership with Children's Trust of South Carolina, Triple P America and Triple P stakeholders statewide, the ICTP Project in South Carolina seeks to strengthen and sustain implementation capacities that support the local use of Triple P so that population-level benefits can be realized for SC children, families, and communities. Specifically, ICTP: 

  • Provides active implementation support with the goal of strengthening local Triple P implementation capacity, performance, and sustainability.
  • Works with Children's Trust of South Carolina (Children's Trust) and Triple P America (TPA) to develop and align additional Triple P support activities to serve statewide Triple P partners and local Triple P collaborative needs.
  • Develops resources, guidance, and learning opportunities for counties scaling-up Triple P (see the ICTP Simulation Lab).
  • Provides implementation science guidance and consultation to the Triple P South Carolina Leadership Team and statewide Triple P funders and partners.

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program 

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program system of interventions offers evidence-based parenting and family support strategies designed to reach all families for community wide impact. Triple P is currently being implemented in 25 countries around the world and its success is due, in part, to its public health approach to serving families. As shown in Figure 1, this is accomplished by offering families varying intensities of support across flexible delivery formats (e.g., individual, group, online), in a number of different settings (i.e., healthcare settings, school systems, private practice). For more information about Triple P, visit the Triple P website.

Figure showing the 5 levels of Triple P interventions

Triple P in South Carolina

The Triple P South Carolina expansion plan was collaboratively created by Children's Trust, the Impact Center at FPG and TPA to strengthen the elements needed to build and sustain local capacities to support population-based program efforts to prevent child maltreatment. Collectively, these partners envision Triple P expansion across South Carolina to support positive parenting in all families. Triple P South Carolina expansion plan aims to reach all families in South Carolina counties through a combination of direct Triple P service delivery, tailored to families’ level of need and preferences, and universal communications strategies that reinforce positive parenting strategies and increase the accessibility of tiered supports. Benefits of these prevention and intervention strategies will be measured systematically through parent report and population-level child safety, stability, and wellbeing indicators.

Children's Trust, the SC intermediary organization whose mission is to strengthen families and lead communities to prevent child abuse, neglect, and injuries in South Carolina, is scaling the Triple P system of interventions in 2 South Carolina counties: Georgetown and Greenville. The ICTP project's team of implementation specialists will contribute support to the SC Triple P project by: 

  • assisting to select lead agencies to scale Triple P within SC counties
  • providing active implementation support to the chosen counties
  • contributing to the design of model Triple P scale-up, other statewide intermediary supports, and evaluation plans in SC using implementation science and best practices. 

In a randomized, place-based, controlled trial of the Triple P system in South Carolina, large and favorable effects were demonstrated relative to these population-level outcomes[i].  Individual Triple P interventions have also demonstrated positive child and family outcomes across a number of research and evaluation trials globally. View the full Triple P evidence-base.

[i] Prinz, R. J, Sanders. M. R., Shapiro, C. J., Whitaker, D. J., & Lutzker, J. R. (2009). Population-based prevention of child maltreatment: The U.S. Triple P system population trial.  Prevention Science, 10, 1-12.

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